Breakfast at Cherry Leaf

At Cherry Leaf we serve breakfast available every day of the week, including our Cherry Leaf signature full english breakfast with great tasting locally sourced meats. Gluten and Dairy free choices always available.

    • Breakfast Menu - Served Until 12:00

      Takeaway options available. Please ask staff for gluten free options.

    • Full Vegan


      2 vegan sausages, baked tomato, herby mushrooms, baked beans and 2 hash browns.

    • Porridges


      a) Banana, flaked almonds and honey, with nutmeg sprinkles.

      b) Mixed berries, oven roasted seeds with maple syrup.

      c) Dried cranberries, raisins and blueberries with mixed seeds and honey or syrup drizzle.

      Almond or Coconut milk option +£0.50

    • Posh Breakfast


      Toasted English muffin with poached egg, smoked ham and spinach.

    • Toast


       Served with butter and a choice of Jam, Marmalade, nut butters, creamy soft cheese.

    • Beans on Toast

    • Filled Croisants


      Emmental cheese, with either smoked ham or tomato.

    • Cherryleaf Breakfast


      2 rashers of Norfolk smoked bacon, 2 Norfolk pork sausages, 2 free range poached eggs, mushrooms, tomato and baked, toast and butter.

    • Poached Eggs and Avocado on Toast


      Served with baked cherry tomatoes & seeds.

    • Baked Mushrooms on Toast


      Served with 2 poached eggs, cherry tomatoes with seeds.

    • Bacon Roll


      Served with chunky tomato chutney ( poached egg +£0.50 )

    • Hot Sausages in a roll


      ( + poached egg £0.50 )