Healthy Summer Salad

It’s finally summer, at least I hope it’s finally summer, a few weeks of sunshine pretty much constitutes summer in Britain right?

Since its starting to feel summery and the jumpers are folded up in the bottom of the wardrobe and the legs have seen the light of day once or twice, we have come up with the ultimate healthy summer salad. Full of nutritional goodness and just what we need to give ourselves a healthy summer boost.

So here goes; Introducing the Apple, Strawberry, Cucumber and Spinach Salad with Crumbled Feta, Walnuts and Apple Cider Vinaigrette. This salad is absolutely loaded with great tasting healthy ingredients, nutrient rich vegetables, sweet juicy fruit, tangy creamy feta cheese and crunchy, high in omega-3 fats, walnuts. The apple cider and lemon juice vinaigrette compliments the textures and flavours of the salad perfectly. I literally cannot explain to you how unbelievably tasty this salad is. It totally hits the spot, it is big and crunchy enough to be a main meal but also works fantastically as a side dish.

Not only does this fantastic salad taste great, it also looks so beautiful, so full of colour and texture, every time I make it for a customer I can’t help but make an extra portion for me! It is truly irresistible.

My Husband and I recently had the extended family over for a summer barbecue, the paddling pool was out, everyone was looking forward to the marinated chicken, beef burgers and sausages which were being expertly grilled by the boys. Just as everything was ready I brought out this huge bowl of fruity, nutty, tangy salad and completely stole the show. They couldn’t get enough and everyone was asking for the recipe, I think we all ate more salad than anything else that afternoon, it ended up being the healthiest barbecue in history!

So if you fancy some awesome healthy summer salad one lunch time, do pop into the Cherry Leaf and have a beautiful bowl of this feel good delight.

Hannah x